Shawnna was born in Big Flat, CA, and went to school at the Vet Tech Insitute of Houston. She joined the Oyster Creek team in October 2021. Ever since she was a little girl, she has wanted to help animals. It’s always been her dream and a passion of hers. She has a special interest in rehabilitation medicine and feels there isn’t anything quite like it.

Outside of work, Shawnna enjoys photography, music, and cooking. She is blessed to still have both her parents in her life, as well as an older brother and sister who has given her a wonderful niece. They even share the same birthday! She also has a younger brother. In Texas, she has made a family out of friends with her fiance.

She shares her home with 5 animals. She is pictured above with Jackson and Remmington, a German Sheperd Dog Mix, and a Great Pyrenees Mix. She also has Ace, an Australian Cattle dog, and Marsal, a Husky mix. She has one cat named Panther.